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No matter where you reside, winter weather, whether harsh or mild, can wreak havoc on homes and businesses, especially on their roofs. While you may be focusing on the interior and landscape of your home during the winterization period, forgetting to prepare your roof for the snow and cold winter weather can be a damaging oversight. While winter weather can be unpredictable, REI Roofing has compiled our top tips to help you properly care for your roof this winter to prevent unnecessary repairs.

How To Care For Your Roof This Winter

Remove Any Snow Accumulation 

Snow may look beautiful, fluffy, and white amidst the cold, dreary winter, but it can potentially cause much damage. When snow accumulates on your roof, it also increases the amount of pressure on it, meaning the weight your roof needs to support increases. When this pressure and weight increase over time, it could cause weak spots to begin to fail, causing leaks, cracks, and holes. To prevent these unwanted circumstances, try removing as much snow as possible; you can do so manually by installing a heat cable or contacting a professional.

Inspect Your Gutters

If you notice that snow, ice, and other debris is accumulating on your roof, one of the first places that will see damage is your gutters. During this season, you will want to check for ice dams, large hanging icicles, snow or debris buildup, and anything that looks abnormal. If your gutters are filled, you will want to remove the waste immediately to prevent the gutters from weakening and potentially falling.

Check Your Insulation

Ensuring and checking that your insulation is appropriately suited for the weather is vital to decrease temperature fluctuations. Having a proper barrier between the living and bedroom areas of your home and your roof can avoid any warping in your roof and aid in fostering a warm environment for friends and family.

Keep An Eye Out For Critters

No one enjoys an unexpected critter or animal inside their home that is not supposed to be there! Like people, animals seek warmth in the winter, something finding that warmth in the comfort of your home. During the winter, it is essential to look for any areas where animals can create an entrance into your home. During this inspection, create barriers if you suspect an animal can sneak through. If animals are already residing on your property, call an expert immediately.

Look Into Installing Roof Heat Cables

Have you experienced any ice dams or accumulation in the past? This includes ice in gutters, downspouts, or directly on the roof. If so, installing heating cables on your roof is a great way to negate this problem, as it decreases the snow and ice buildup commonly found on most roofs, giving you peace of mind and a safe and stable roof.

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