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Copper Roofing at REI Roofing in Holbrook & Braintree, MA

Copper Roof Installation & Repair

Beauty with durability to match. That’s what a copper roof from REI Roofing will give you. Copper roofing is as unique as it gets and is still very popular throughout New England thanks to its visual elegance and top-notch durability.

Why Choose Copper Roofing?

Low Maintenance:

Copper roofing is low maintenance, meaning you can focus less time and money on your roof and spend it elsewhere!

No Painting or Finishing:

Copper doesn’t need to be painted or finished; it comes ready to be installed.

Beautiful & Versatile Appearance:

Copper roofs tend to compliment almost every building and are sure to look great atop your home.

Incredibly Durable:

A properly installed copper roof from REI Roofing can last for up to a century!

Why Choose REI Roofing?

Whether you are looking to install a full copper roof or copper accents, our team has the experience you are looking for.

Come to REI Roofing if you are looking for:

  • Full Roof Installations
  • Roof Repairs
  • Copper Flashing
  • Copper Gutters
  • Custom Copper Accents
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