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Why Proper Roof Ventilation Is Essential To Your Home


The roof on your home is the most significant form of protection against all external factors, and a piece of keeping it performing to the best of its ability is to ensure it is adequately ventilated. When your roof system lacks ventilation, you may notice increasingly hot upstairs temperatures in the summer and colder air in the winter, significantly effecting the efficiency of your heating and cooling and the integrity of your roof. To help you learn more about the importance of proper roof ventilation, the industry experts at REI Roofing have come up with our comprehensive guide to all things roof ventilation.


Why Is Roof Ventilation Important?


Lack Of Ventilation Can Negatively Effect Your Roofs Lifespan:

When your roof does not have proper ventilation, the overall life of your roof system can be drastically shortened. The roof lifespan is much shorter because the hot and cold air does not have anywhere to escape, and the air is, in turn, trapped right beneath your roof. The hot air deteriorates the adhesive, and the cold air causes condensation to occur when it meets the warm air from your heating system. To combat these issues, you must ensure your roof is properly and evenly ventilated to help the unwanted air temperature out and increase lifespan.


Lack Of Ventilation Causes Decreased Energy Efficiency:

 Proper roof ventilation actively reduces your home’s cooling and heating costs. For example, when the temperature outside begins to rise, you want your roof to be able to push the hot air out while keeping the cool air in. If your roof does not have the ventilation to do so, your air conditioning or cooling system will have to work increasingly harder to remove the hot temperature. 


Lack Of Ventilation Causes Drastic Temperature Differences:

Have you ever walked to the top levels of your home and noticed a temperature change? If so, this is a telltale sign that your roof is poorly ventilated. Proper ventilation can prevent drastic temperature changes in your home. As stated, adequate ventilation can allow hot air to escape and cool air to enter.


Lack Of Ventilation Causes Ice Dams:

When you reside where snow, ice, and colder temperatures occur, you need proper roof ventilation to ensure that ice dams do not build on your house. Ice dams happen when the warm air in your roof melts the snow, causing the snow to run down the roof and freeze on the overhang of your roof. Proper ventilation can directly assist with this as it should direct the warm air from your living space to the top of your roof and outdoors.


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