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Do I Need To Replace My Roof? Making the Right Decision 

At the top of every home and business is the number one defense that protects your most significant investment: your home, family, friends, and valuables. That number one piece of defense is your roof. Having a sturdy roof that is in quality condition is critical to having a safe property, so it is essential to understand the signs of when you may need to replace your roof. Roof replacement or repairs are not always apparent to the eye, as issues may occur over long periods of time. To help you understand the signs of roof replacement and repair, the industry experts at REI Roofing have compiled a list of our top tips to help you make an educated and informed decision on your roof.


Top 4 Signs You Need To Repair Or Replace Your Roof:


You Notice Light Coming From Your Attic

As the weather gets warmer, take the time to examine all areas of your home, including your attic. Once you are up there, take a look for any light that may be coming through the roof beams. If you notice any light coming through, take a look for any water stains that surround the area. If there is a significant amount of light and water stains, it may be time to invest in a new roof.


Your Roof Is Aging

The typical lifespan of a roof is 20-30 years; if your roof is approaching that age range, a new one may be needed to ensure proper protection and safety. If you are still determining the age of your roof, check the receipt. If you look and notice that the time window has passed, start planning for a new roof.


Your Shingles Are Missing Or Curling

Another sign you may need a new roof is if your shingles are curling or missing. One or two missing shingles are acceptable; however, if you see many missing shingles or if your existing shingles are curling on their edges, it is a sign you may need a new roof soon. When shingles are warped or curled, they put your home at risk for leaks and unwanted damage. 


Your Roof Is Sagging

A sagging roof is the most telltale sign of needing a complete roof replacement. When a roof sags, it signals an overall structure issue. A sagging roof can be due to broken beams, intense water damage, and other external elements. If you begin to notice any signs of sagging or buckling in your roof, you need to contact a contractor immediately, as these signs can quickly lead to the roof falling apart if not addressed quickly. 


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